75w140 Premium Synthetic Transmission Oil
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This full synthetic gear oil offers the best protection for Harley-Davidsion® big-twin transmissions. The combination of premium synthetic PAO (polyalphaolefin) base oils and an advanced additive package delivers unparalleled protection under high loads and stands up to extreme heat. S&S Premium Synthetic Gear Oil extends gear life, and reduces drag, friction losses, and wear. Not only will your transmission shift more easily and more smoothly, but it will last longer too. A.P.I. GL-1 rated.

  • 18.95 each
  • 75w140 Synthetic Transmission
  • Highest Zinc content on the market
  • Exceeds S&S and Harley-Davidson warranty requirements
  • Made in the USA
  • Item #: r6c3100292

75w140 Premium Synthetic Transmission Oil

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