20w50 Premium Synthetic Engine Oil
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S&S Premium Synthetic engine oil gives your v-twin engine the ultimate in protection. Premium synthetic base stock coupled with the exclusive S&S additive package offers superior lubrication for reduced engine wear and lower oil temperatures. S&S Premium Synthetic engine oil provides consistent viscosity, and resists thermal breakdown and oxidation at elevated temperatures. Exclusive formulation provides the enhanced oxidation protection needed when running ethanol fuels. The best choice for any engine, but a must for performance engines and for engines operated in demanding conditions. Available in cases of 12 one-quart bottles and in convenient S&S oil change kits with 4 quarts of oil and a premium oil filter.

  • 12.95 each
  • 20w50 Synthetic Engine
  • Highest Zinc content on the market
  • Exceeds S&S and Harley-Davidson warranty requirements
  • Made in the USA
  • Item #: r6c3601-0407

20w50 Premium Synthetic Engine Oil

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