40A 3-Phase Charging Systems for 03-06 Twin Cam
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For 03-06 Twin Cam (except 06 Dyna/FLT) w/enclosed primary drive (includes vented rotor)

  • Provide 25A at idle and 40A continuously above 2800 rpm
  • Unique narrow rotor and stator fit into Softail/Dyna/FLT primary cases as used by most custom builders and the voltage regulator bolts on the stock location without any frame modifications
  • Precision-balanced vented rotor keeps the stator cooler in closed primary systems to maintain maximum output under all high-current draw conditions
  • Custom-designed flanged seal spacer provides maximum support for the rotor
  • Voltage regulator output is calibrated to 14.25V from idle on up
  • Ideal for fuel-injected engines and bikes with overdrive-type transmissions
  • Made in the U.S.A.
  • Item #: r6c2112-0098

40A 3-Phase Charging Systems for 03-06 Twin Cam

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