9904 Gideon WASPcam Action Sports Camera w/o remote
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  • The all-new Gideon is WASPcam's premium camera model, pushing out serious pixel-power, higher frame-rate quality and allowing no room for error when it comes to capturing the best shot, thanks to WASPcam's new Live Viewing Display (LVD) wrist remote
  • Records HD video up to 1080p60 (and also 1080p30, 960p60 and 720p120), snaps still-images up to 16-Megapixel and built-in WiFi connects the camera to an iPhone® or Android® for live viewing, recording and sharing content online with friends and fans
  • Included accessories: waterproof camera casing, waterproof casing backdoor, vented casing backdoor, wireless wrist remote with Live Viewing Display (LVD), flat adhesive mount, curved adhesive mount, lens cover, anti-fog inserts, rechargeable lithium-ion battery, wall charger, secure tether, swivel T-tip mount and hook-and-loop strap
  • Item #: r6c4402-0458

9904 Gideon WASPcam Action Sports Camera w/o remote

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