Complete Bike Harness
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  • The perfect start for any project bike or OEM model re-wire
  • Complete bike harness w/ starter relay, 3-circuits, self-canceling and run, brake and turn signal module
  • Works with any stand alone, Evo or Twin Cam ignition system
  • Designed to operate with a two-position key switch
  • Key start switches can be used with a simple wiring modification (ignition system and key switch are not included with this harness)
  • OEM color-matching harness with 11-second self-canceling turn signal module
  • Fuse block holds a full size, commonly available and replaceable starter relay and three (3) ATO fuses
  • A 30-Amp circuit breaker is installed and is ready for any regulator/charging system
  • Harness provides running light and turn signal functions to the front turn signals, run, brake and turn signal functions for the rear turn signals
  • Oil, neutral, high beam and turn signal indicator wiring
  • Color-matching handlebar switch wiring, as found on most 96-13 models (except Dresser models)
  • Headlight wiring with headlight socket and terminals
  • Front turn signal connectors and terminals
  • Rear fender harness with connectors and terminals
  • Key switch wiring with ring terminals
  • Coil wire with ring terminals, tachometer, horn, oil sending unit, brake switch and neutral switch wiring with terminals
  • Sections of 3/16", 1/4", 3/8" and 1/2" i.d. heat shrink included
  • Heavy-gauge, 12 (+) power and (-) ground wires with terminals for battery connection
  • Made in the U.S.A.
  • Item #: r6c2120-0769

Complete Bike Harness

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