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High-Power Ignition Coils for 36-47 Knucklehead Side Mount Lightweight Headlamp Brackets
High-Power Ignition Coils for 36-47 KnuckleheadSide Mount Lightweight Headlamp Brackets

Increases peak spark voltage by 20% or more Improves starting, stops high-speed misfires, increases mileage and overall performance 1.3 ohm/6V application/dual-fire 30,000V output Available in black, red or chrome body

Purpose built and made from stainless steel and aluminum for great looks and longevity Built in dampening rubbers to help isolate headlamp Will work on 35mm to 41mm fork tube outer diameters Sold in pairs



Advance Unit Assembly for Distributor Ignitions Points and Condenser
Advance Unit Assembly for Distributor IgnitionsPoints and Condenser
For 36-47 Knucklehead and 29-48 Flathead w/aftermarket distributor A complete advance unit assembly includes all items shownFor 36-47 Knucklehead, 30-48 Flathead High-quality replacement components Sold Each



Points Style Distributor for 36-47 Knucklehead w/dual hold down Generator-Mounted Regulator
Points Style Distributor for 36-47 Knucklehead w/dual hold downGenerator-Mounted Regulator

Feature points, condenser and mechanical advance assemblies pre-installed Chrome finish Sold each

For all Knucklehead generators w/updated end plate (four-hole) 6V standard regulator with black finish for models with generator updated to the 58-64 two-brush generator Updated end plate has an extra set of mounting holes to align the fins on...



American-Made Generator for 36-47 Knucklehead Generator Relay for 38-47 Knucklehead
American-Made Generator for 36-47 KnuckleheadGenerator Relay for 38-47 Knucklehead

6V generator w/standard regulator; 15A High-quality construction and components; manufactured by the same company that supplies OEM Armature is balance wound, and the epoxy-bonded wires are fused to the commutator; hard maple wire wedges secure...

  • 6-volt design
  • Includes a chrome cover



Custom Regulator Mount for 36-47 Knucklehead Chrome Horns
Custom Regulator Mount for 36-47 KnuckleheadChrome Horns
Allows the regulator to be mounted down and back out of sight Highly chromed aluminum gives a great custom look Requires two 1/4"-20 x 1/2" bolts for installing regulator mount and two 3/8"-16 x 23/4" bolts for installing mount to the frame...

12V horns emit loud (113 dB) signal 4" diameter; universal mount Sold each



Replica Horn Mechanical Rear Stoplight Switch
Replica HornMechanical Rear Stoplight Switch
For restoration or installation on late-model Glides and customs; repl. OEM #69001-42 A reproduction of the "no longer available" early H-D horn with a chrome front that came standard on 42-52 45", 42-49 61" and 74"; and 53-54 Servi-Car models Comes with mounting bracket

Waterproof mechanical stoplight switch attaches to rear brake rod or brake linkage and frame tube Ideal for custom applications



1 - 12 of 19 items