Frisco-Style Gas Tanks For Sportsers 2.2 Gal.
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Standard Type (16"L X 9-1/4"W X 8"D; Tunnel Measures 16"L X 2-1/4"W X 2-1/2"D)

  • Great looking "Old School" tanks modified to feature very low 1-1/4" deep tunnels and flat bottoms
  • Sit up tall on frame backbone for a cool "Frisco-Style" custom look
  • Made from high-quality 18-gauge AKDQ special deep draw material
  • Centerline hole-to-hole on mounting brackets: 165/8"
  • Take all 22mm H-D or aftermarket petcocks and L96-14-style screw-in vented gas caps
  • Made in the U.S.A.

Note: Not for use on fuel-injected models.

Note: Paughco recommends all tanks be mounted on leather spacers or bushings.

Note: All tanks are pressure-tested and are bare metal; fit before painting.

  • Item #: r6c0701-0661

Frisco-Style Gas Tanks For Sportsers 2.2 Gal.

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