New Products for 2017-2018 Touring Models

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S&S Mk45 4.5" Jet-Hot Black Slip-On Mufflers w/Tracer End Caps Cobra 4" 909-Twins Mufflers
S&S Mk45 4.5" Jet-Hot Black Slip-On Mufflers w/Tracer End CapsCobra 4" 909-Twins Mufflers

Power Tune Performance mufflers are the result of decades of riding and racing Using both stainless steel and fiberglass packing, these mufflers create a deep, performance tone and improved horsepower Fitted with chrome-plated billet end caps...

Unique blend of performance, sound, style and price Class leading power Expanded end and rolled tips Bodies expand from 3" at the front to 31/2" at the rear 2" constant velocity cores for exceptional sound and performance Bonded e-glass and...



Cobra 4" Slip-Ons RPT Chrome Cobra Neighbor Haters 4" Mufflers
Cobra 4" Slip-Ons RPT ChromeCobra Neighbor Haters 4" Mufflers


For riders who think that too loud is just about right Four-inch bodies bell out to 41/2" at the rear, which features a smooth, rolled end Smooth, rolled end shape adds a megaphone enhancement to the sound Spiraled louvered core exits in a...



Cobra Powrflo Round 4-1/2" Cobra Race-Pro 4" Slip-Ons
Cobra Powrflo Round 4-1/2"Cobra Race-Pro 4" Slip-Ons

4,5" body tapers to 4" round at the front 4,5" machined aluminum, thin-line tip 3" core for superior performance Acoustical engineering developments allow an incredibly deep sound because of intense, class-leading resonance absorption and...

Bodies taper to 4" round at the front 4.5" machined aluminum thin line black tips are held in place with seven stainless steel, 12-point bolts Feature satin black laser-cut steel straps that tightly encircle the mufflers with built-in mounting...



13 - 18 of 18 items