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Oil Tank for 65 Panhead Gas Caps for 48-65 Panhead
Oil Tank for 65 PanheadGas Caps for 48-65 Panhead

Replacement chrome oil tank comes with drain/fill plugs, cap assembly and gasket Approximately 3 quart capacity

Replacement gas caps for OEM and custom tanks, available with or without a vent Cast aluminum construction Available in chrome, gloss black and matte black finishes



Deluxe Gas Caps Gas Tank Shut Off Valve Extension Knob for 48-65 Panhead
Deluxe Gas CapsGas Tank Shut Off Valve Extension Knob for 48-65 Panhead
One-piece, die-cast gas cap is completely chrome-finished and features Nytrel/cork seals Vented with a check ball valve to prevent leakage Fits any tank using pre-83, early-type twist-on gas cap (will not fit screw-in type tanks)

Beautifully chrome-plated accessory Allows easier operation of shut off valve Made in the U.S.A.



Gas Valve for 48-65 Panhead Clear Fuel Filters
Gas Valve for 48-65 PanheadClear Fuel Filters

Shut-off rod and seat assembly; features a left tank reserve NOTE: Fits earlier models if Linkert gas line is changed to 48-65 style.

Glass filters feature chrome ends Available in two inlet sizes: 1/4" or 5/16" i.d., and in two lengths: mini (1-3/8") and standard (2-3/8")



1 - 6 of 6 items