"Round Series" Mirrors
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  • "Round Series" mirrors are completely chrome-plated with stainless steel pivots and mirror head screws
  • Feature a tapered design with triangular cutouts along with textured recessed areas that may be painted to match the bike
  • Head diameter is 31/2" for a good view and a clean look
  • "Thin Stem" specifically designed to match the shape of the mirror head; superclean taper at the bottom and mounting hardware at the mirror head
  • "Round Series" mirror head also available with Stealth I or longer Stealth II mirror stems
  • Mirrors fit 84-85 XL clutch or brake lever housings, plus most custom applications
  • Larger sized "Thin Stem" measures 4" high and 45/8" long to get the mirror up and out farther
  • Chrome mounting hardware and instructions included
  • Sold Each
  • Item #: r6cds302154-55-56

"Round Series" Mirrors

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