S&S Teardrop Air Cleaner Kit FREE SHIPPING!
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Add performance and style to any motorcycle without breaking the bank! The S&S teardrop air cleaner is one of the most recognizable shapes in the industry.  In fact, the teardrop shape is a registered trademark of S&S Cycle, Inc.  Genuine S&S teardrop motorcycle air cleaners have special features like the uniquely designed backplate with air horn style radiused entryway and the dimpled cover with air directional cone on the inside. This design helps maximize air flow by giving intake air an efficient, easy path to follow into the carburetor.  And the Beauty of it all is that the S&S motorcycle air cleaner is also available to fit stock Tillotson®, Bendix®and Keihin® butterfly, CV carbs, or any carb with the same air cleaner mounting bolt pattern.  There are even kits that fit stock single throat EFI throttle bodies used on 2001 Softail® and all 2002-up EFI models.

The trademark S&S teardrop shaped filter assembly offers riders an efficient and free flowing intake that can add two to five horsepower. This kit is especially recommended if performance cams and exhaust system have been installed on your motorcycle. 

  • Uniquely designed back plate has air horn style radiused entryway to reduce turbulence 
  • Dimpled cover with directional air cone on inside creates smooth path for air
  • Great addition to performance exhaust or cams

S&S Air Cleaner Kits include:

  • Filter
  • Backing plate
  • All mounting hardware
  • Instructions
  • Item #: SS0001

S&S Teardrop Air Cleaner Kit FREE SHIPPING!

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