STOP Model A Light & Vertical Model A Bracket
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Side Mount License Plate Bracket

with STOP Model A Light

light says STOP in the glass


We have put together a kit for you that includes our Bracket and a High Quality, Stainless Steel Model A Light with STOP Glass Lenses. These are the highest quality reproduction Model A lights available!

The Light has a clear window in the bottom of it to illuminate your license plate


Powder Coated Gloss Black

Chrome License Plate Frame IS NOT included, but can be picked up at any motorcycle shop for around $5.00


1/2" is shock mount for Harley's & all Sportster models!
(Please note: If you are mounting the shock mount on a
 Sportster you willneed a spacer kit for shock clearance.)
3/4" hole is axle mount for 2007 and Older Harley's
25mm hole is axle mount for 2008 and Newer Harley's

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STOP Model A Light & Vertical Model A Bracket

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