TC3 Oil Pump & Cam Support Plate Kit
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For 06 Dyna models and 07-15 Big Twin models

  • Precision CNC machined forged aluminum
  • Increased structural strength
  • Dimensional stability
  • Freedom for internal porosity
  • Separate scavenge sections for flywheel cavity and cam chest scavenge each area more efficiently with no interference
  • Gerotors are designed to tolerate more pinion shaft runout without damage
  • Cam chest pic up features a magnetic trap to protect scavenge rotors from metal debris
  • Both scavenge rotors are protected from debris, the most common cause of stock oil pump failure
  • Passage plugs are removable for service
  • Bronze pinion shaft bushing in all models and bronze cam bushings in 07-15 style can be replaced
  • Adjustable oil pressure regulator - adjust without removing plate from engine
  • Made in the U.S.A.
  • Item #: r6c0932-0111

TC3 Oil Pump & Cam Support Plate Kit

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