"The Convertible" EZ Glide II Large Backrest
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  • Includes pouch and rain cover
  • Easy use: simply lay backrest forward, unzip pouch, remove rain cover and pull around the perimeter of the seat to secure
  • Rain-resistant black cover is 300 x 300 denier polyester fabric with a urethane coating and WRMR (water-resistant, mildew-resistant) finish
  • Complete backrest assembly has a seat rain cover that pulls out of the pouch on the backside of the pad and covers the entire seat
  • All exposed hardware is polished with a chrome finish; internal base is 14 gauge steel
  • Pad features solar-reflective leather on contact area; pouch and pad sides are high-quality automotive-grade vinyl
  • Pad measures 10" W x 71/2" tall, pivots to the angle of your back and adjusts for and aft up to 2"
  • Backrest assembly can be used in driver or passenger position
  • Rain cover is secured in the pouch by two snaps and can be removed for cleaning or to use the oversized pouch for additional storage
  • Item #: r6c0822-0460

"The Convertible" EZ Glide II Large Backrest

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