The P-Nut Gas Tank
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  • P-nut tanks offers 2 gallon capacity
  • Include 1/4" petcock bungs and undrilled DIY mounting tabs for custom installation
  • Made from heavy gauge 1mm steel (approximately 19 gauge)
  • Pressure tested
  • Available with mounting tabs welded and not welded to the tank
  • Tank measures 141/2" L (163/4" end of tab to end of tab) x 71/2" T (83/8" to top of filler bung) x 83/4" W (at the widest point)
  • Tunnel measures 13/4" W x 21/4" D at the tank rear and 53/4" D at the front of tunnel
  • Accept most British-style gas caps
  • Item #: r6c0701-0710-0711

The P-Nut Gas Tank

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